Brand Storytelling. What’s your Story?

We often hear people talk about brand storytelling as a fancy marketing statement that’s ‘in’ at the moment, but will be replaced with the next trending marketing topic in a few months time.

Whatever your thoughts and opinions are, one thing is certain, every business has its own unique story to tell, something that will relate potential clients to your brand. Whether your story is being heard or not is up to you.

Human connections are at the core of every business, whether you are solving a problem or delighting your clients with an experience.

Forging long-term relationships, building a following of interested clients and keeping them engaged can do wonders for your business. It’s worth making it your mission to set your brand apart by telling your own unique story every time you communicate with your clients and prospective clients.

Storytelling and marketing work in natural harmony. Whether you are producing an infographic or a Facebook ad, the end goal is to attract your target audience, encourage them to listen to what you have to say and ultimately be a client.

So, what is brand storytelling exactly?

Brand storytelling is:

– The reason your business started in the first place
– The reason why you sell your product or service
– Your business personality, the essence of who you are
– How you solve problems for your clients
– How you add value and care for your clients
– How you connect with people’s emotions and build relationships
– Being honest, transparent and authentic
– What people believe about your brand based on the messages your brand sends out

Brand Storytelling is not:

– An elaborate sales pitch about your business
– A blog post
– A catchy tag line used on an advert published for 2 weeks
– A long list of boring facts
– A fragmented message told by different staff members
– Isolated visual imagery on your website
– A technique to manipulate clients into buying from you
– An empty promise or a hollow message

Working on your brand story and the messages you want to share about your values, will give you clarity on what your business stands for and what you are trying to accomplish. Nail it and it could take your business to a whole new level.

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