How is your Brand Being Perceived?

Clients often come to us with the dilemma of not knowing exactly how their customer perceives their brand. We hear this time and time again. Fortunately, it’s a challenge we love to talk about.

Your brand is not fixed by one person’s view. It’s how you are perceived by others which is made up of people’s different thoughts, how they feel about you and what thoughts spring to mind when they hear your name.

Of course, this is different for everyone because no two people are alike. A sports brand that is perceived as cool, young and trendsetting for one person could be perceived as elite, dynamic and professional for another person.

It’s going to take on different meanings to different sets of people depending on various factors such as personality, backgrounds, personal experiences and age.

You have no control over what others perceive about your brand.

What you can do is strip everything back to basics to develop a core set of principles and values that will help to bring your target audience closer to what you want them to perceive about you.

With every new project a client comes to us with, we walk them through a short exercise to help them understand more about their ambition, vision and the direction they want to take with their brand. It supports us in our work too.

Why not get pen to paper and come up with answers to the following questions?

– What brand traits would you like people to describe about your business?
– What other brand would you like to be compared to and why?
– How would you like someone to summarise your brand, in just one sentence?

Answering these key questions may give you some ideas on the direction you want to take your brand. Not everyone will see you in the same way, but at the very least you can start to steer them on the right path.

If you want to talk more about your brand perception, we’d love to listen. Feel free to contact us on 0121 709 3772 or

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