Why is your Brand so Important?

I really believe that building and managing your brand is fundamental to the success of any business. A strong brand can differentiate you from the next business and help potential clients see you as their ‘first choice’.

So, why is your brand so important?

A successful brand can:

Help grow your business
With a great brand customers will trust you, and will be more likely to remain loyal, even if you increase your prices.

Encourage trust in your product or service
If you experience an issue with one of your products or services, customers will be more likely to understand because they trust you will rectify the problem.

Differentiate your business
Making your product or service unique; customers will be more likely to come to you over your competition.

First and foremost, building a successful brand starts with managing people’s perceptions of you. Good perceptions often outsell good products.

Take the example of the famous Pepsi/Coke taste test. During blind tastings, Pepsi had the advantage, but once the tasters’ blindfolds were taken off, Coke won hands down. Coke is seen as the stronger brand, the ‘people’s choice’.

By building a rapport with your customers and employees through your every action and via every communication, will help strengthen your relationships and reinforce their perception of you. People tend to trust successful brands as they know what to expect from them, making them feel confident and secure doing business together.

Ultimately, whatever size or type of business you have, taking time out to focus on nurturing a strong brand is worth it. Over the long-term, it can only have a positive effect, helping you stand out from the competition and show your target audience the unique personality of your business.

What are you doing today to make your brand stand apart from the competition in your field? If you would like to speak to James here at The Designery about developing a marketing strategy for your brand, he’d love to chat with you; it’s one of his favourite topics of discussion!

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