Branding and Logo Design

We help organisations define who they are, why it matters and how to visually express themselves through branding and marketing.

Consistency is vital in creating a strong brand. Your branding must be consistent across all your marketing communications, working with us will guarantee excellent results.

What We Offer

– Branding
– Logo design
– Re-branding or brand refresh

How we do it

To create the perfect logo and branding identity for your business, we begin by arranging a face-to-face consultation with you. With our relaxed, interpersonal approach, we use this phase of the process to get to know you. We want to know what makes your business tick…your ethos, vision and core values, ultimately what personality you want to portray.

We take into consideration your type of business, USP, goals & targets and look at where you want to be positioned within your industry.

We design multiple concepts in the first instance…. Key elements we focus on include the right imagery, typography and colour palette which will ultimately evoke the connection with your target audience. The devil is in the detail here.

With your input and our creative expertise, we tweak your preferred concepts until we come up with the perfect logo and branding for you. Our goal is to create an identity which is relevant, recognisable, unique and above all consistent to work across multiple channels in your marketing strategy.

Working with us will guarantee the result you are looking for.